Earth Quake, Tsunami To Attack Tamil Nadu, India?

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Kerala-based B K Research Association for ESP has written a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, warning that a major earthquake and tsunami will hit the Indian Ocean region before December 2017. An image of the letter has been going viral on WhatsApp and Facebook, igniting heated discussions among social media users.

According to the message, a ‘vigorous’ earthquake is about to hit the Indian Ocean which will the coastal regions of the Asian continent. Countries including India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Gulf nations are said to be vulnerable. The message also states that these areas will also encounter a ‘seeshma’ storm that may strike with 120 to 180 kmph winds with heavy rain.

B K Research Association for ESP is an organisation run by Babu Kalayil, a person who claims to possess the gift of extra sensory perception (ESP). Kalayil also claims to have predicted the major earthquake that caused the tsunami in December 2004, exactly two months before it occurred. He has said that he has a feeling that the Indian Ocean would witness a massive earthquake before 31 December and wants to warn the people of the impeding catastrophe. He also said that he has no intention to create panic among the public.

An astrologer based in Anna Nagar though, has a different view on these predictions and about ESP. Wishing to remain anonymous, he said, “Aristotle and Nostradamus from history are all seen as famous seers and philosophers who were able to predict the future hundreds of years ahead of their time. But if it is someone from our own land, he is seen as a fraud. This view must change. More research must be conducted on the paranormal and parapsychology.”

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