Apollo Atrocity: Justice For Hemanathan

Admin 01:00 AM 27th Oct 2017 Politics - Justice

Mr.Hemanathan, who admitted his mother for treatment in Apollo, Greams Road says that he was cheated for around 180 days with fake reports and wrong treatment charging lakhs. Finally his mother was sent to GH and placed with deadbodies, without his knowledge. He reveals the whole story with evidence. Note : This is where former Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha was treated for months.

Thanks Nakkheeran TV to bring this to outside world by helping Hemanathan. The videos are not streamed from youtube rather making available in this site cause to make this will be an additional video copy available in the World Wide Web. Also Thanks to South Cine Talkies Youtube Channel for latest Updates on Hemanathan.

To Hemanathan, You as a human is doing a great work for the future generation, Salute for your Braveness. People support will be always with you but unfortunately not everyone have power to make something happen. One thing can be done that i as a common person, will make sure this information to reach as much number of people as this post gets circulated in the internet.

To The Higher Officials of Apollo Management, If the hospital staffs had committed mistake, accept it and follow the legal procedure to solve the problem rather than using the power to kill the emotions and feelings of a common man.

Hemanathan Interviews - Thanks Nakkheeran TV

How Media Shows The Issue - Source: Polimer TV

Latest Update On Hemanathan - Thanks Nakkheeran TV

Hemanathan who accused Appollo in the recent times, regarding his mother treatment, was said to have been disappeared for a while. But, the truth is that he was kidnapped. Again Nakkheeran brings out the truth for all the viewers who were desperately contacting us to know the whereabouts of Hemanathan.